Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life with you makes perfect sense.

I swear time speeds up the older you get, and I catch myself just wanting it to slow down. I should probably just get better at soaking in all of the little moments that God throws my way.

This weekend was busy. To say the least. Friday night was amazing. There's something just so comforting about spending a night playing a card game with good friends. Apples to Apples is a favorite over here in these parts. It always leads to a lot of laughs and good times. Needless to say those 4 hours spent playing it went by way too fast. I wasn't ready for it to end!

Saturday was exhausting. In a good way. Our lovely, amazingly talented friend, Kayte Henderson took our engagement pictures. I'm not kidding y'all. She's AMAZING. I feel like we drug her all over Atlanta. We decided to start off the day where we met, St. Pius. Pius is a place that will always be special to us. We both loved our time there and still love stopping by at different times. It will always feel like home. 
Next we went to  The Varsity. It's so bad for you, but goodness gracious is it good. One of the ways to my heart is through an FO (a frosted orange drink for you non-ATLiens). Not to mention the view of the skyline from their parking lot is beautiful. FILA. Seriously. Here is a sneak peek of one the pictures that Kayte took of us while we were there-

Then we got to wander all over Piedmont Park. There's something so magical about that place. I always love it when I get to go. You will always see so many different people from all walks of life. Not to mention it's in the middle of this beautiful city. I could stare at our skyline all day, every day. See?

I'll add more once she edits them. She's always on the run, and I don't blame her. She's a great friend and really good at what she does. Not to mention her boyfriend is the best bag boy ever! 

That night we spent at one of Pat's teammate's condo. We were there to celebrate his and another teammate's birthday. Also, for their amazing win of the D2 league last season. Not to worry, they're kicking some major booty in D1 this year. The view from his condo was breathtaking. Breathtaking in the fact that it's an amazing view of downtown Atlanta down Peachtree Street, and breathtaking in the fact that I am terrified of heights. I had to go sit in his kitchen because my knees gave out. Embarrassing. I made myself suck it up and take pictures of the amazing view. Be jealous-

Until next time!
Peace & Blessings,

Monday, April 9, 2012

Well, here goes nothing....

Pat probably thinks I'm insane, but I have recently felt the need to document this whole crazy journey that life has thrown my way. So, here goes nothing...
Try and stick around as I attempt to be witty. Attempt being the key word. I promise to try and be entertaining. Also, I promise to not bore people with wedding talk. I have to leave some things a surprise on May 11, 2013 :)

Peace and Blessings,

Oh, and this is one way we have decided to intentionally pursue each other. Sorry, but y'all get to read the cheesy letters we'll be writing.

Dear PB, Have I mentioned lately how much I love that you're my own personal trainer? Thanks for kicking my booty into wedding shape. Dear York Peppermint Pattie, thank you for quenching my sweet tooth and not being bad for me at the same time. Dear laundry, I'm so glad I'm finally done with you ... for today. Dear Sweet P, I love that you're my grill master. Can't wait to get our shish (SP?) kebab on tonight!