Thursday, June 18, 2015

You Probably Don't Know....

- The word "disappointed" caused great fear in me as a child. As in, I still get panicked that my parents could ever say that word to me. Needless to say, I was a goody two shoes who rarely got in trouble.

- I'm one of 3 redheads on my mom's side of the family. Somehow, only the granddaughters got red hair. I was pleasantly surprised when Ehren came out with red hair.

- Just to add on to the previous one, we were all born with red hair. None of us had a hair color change after it feel out and grew back in.

- Every weird thing you hear about red heads that you think can't be true... Well, almost all of them apply to me. I really do react weird to pain medication. So much so that none of the three epidurals I was administered in labor worked. 

- I've moved well over 15 times in my life, but have lived in Atlanta since I was two. Well, except for college.

- This is no shock for those close to me, but potatoes have their own food group when it comes to my eating habits. I guess that Irish heritage really did stick with me...

- Even though I used to live in Europe, I have never been there with any one in my family.

- I'm a water person. I love to be in the water, on the water, by the water... I just live for weekends at our lake house or trips to the beach. 

- I am about as opposite as they come when it comes to my astrological sign. I'm a Leo, but I'm probably the most shy introverted/extrovert Leo you will ever meet.

- I can touch my tongue to my nose. You're welcome for that image ;) 

- Even though I was a goody two shoes when I was little, I almost always bucked the system when my mom wanted her weekly Mexican food. Guess who eats Mexican food 1-2 times a week now? Yep, I am turning into my mother. 

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Currently: June 2015

Well, what better way to hop back on the blogging train than through a link up? Seriously, life is like a train going full speed ahead right now, and I want to remember every little minute. SO, here. we. go.

Going... To TN for the day on Saturday.
My husband thinks I'm crazy, and maybe I am. We are driving to the TN/NC state border and getting some family pictures taken. I mean the Ocooee + Mountains ... I couldn't ask for better scenery!

Wearing... My new jewel toned maxi dress for our family pictures.
I have been having to update my wardrobe for this new post baby body, and I just about fell over when I saw this dress. Gor.Geous. All I had to do was wait for one of J. Crew Fatory's a million 50% off sales and she was ALL mine.

Sipping...Abita Strawberry.
It's the only alcohol I really splurge on every year and actually buy in the grocery store. It's just so light and perfect for grilling season.

Reading... Just blogs and the news :/
Y'all, I really need to get back into the habit of reading. I LOVE to read, but I seem to have put it on the back burner. Please throw any book suggestions you have my way!

Playing... with my little man.
He's really come alive in the past month and it's so fun to do things with him. His newest favorite is activity is "swimming." He could spend hours every day just splashing away in his little pool. This water loving gal is ecstatic that she has a little fish on her hands!

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Friday, May 29, 2015


Sometimes you eat your own words because you manage to capture the cutest picture of your child. There are two things I just love in this picture- Ehren and America.

Happy Friday and God Bless America! ;) 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Well, hello...

So remember when I used to blog? Yeah, me too.

Well, this happened...

Which led to this...

And a fun maternity shoot with one of our good friends from high school...

And shortly after that our lives changed forever...

Now we are a little over 2 months into this parenting thing and we could not be more in love. It really has been the greatest joy of my life to watch my husband become a dad. I love watching my son (!!!) light up whenever his dad comes home every night. There is nothing sweeter..

You might notice that I put no recent pictures of Bubs by himself. I have a deep fear of cyber kidnapping. We are those new parents who are SO protective, but really, how could any parents not be?? Join along as I hope back on this train. Hopefully things will get  more interesting around here. Along with a possible blog overhaul because let's be serious... I haven't lived in France for about 7 years now and my life is all about being a wife first and momma second to our little man. Any ideas on a new blog title are greatly appreciated :) I am so not creative.