Monday, April 9, 2012

Well, here goes nothing....

Pat probably thinks I'm insane, but I have recently felt the need to document this whole crazy journey that life has thrown my way. So, here goes nothing...
Try and stick around as I attempt to be witty. Attempt being the key word. I promise to try and be entertaining. Also, I promise to not bore people with wedding talk. I have to leave some things a surprise on May 11, 2013 :)

Peace and Blessings,

Oh, and this is one way we have decided to intentionally pursue each other. Sorry, but y'all get to read the cheesy letters we'll be writing.

Dear PB, Have I mentioned lately how much I love that you're my own personal trainer? Thanks for kicking my booty into wedding shape. Dear York Peppermint Pattie, thank you for quenching my sweet tooth and not being bad for me at the same time. Dear laundry, I'm so glad I'm finally done with you ... for today. Dear Sweet P, I love that you're my grill master. Can't wait to get our shish (SP?) kebab on tonight!

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