Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The BEST Day.

May 11, 2013

I'm going to try and let the pictures speak for themselves. There are a few traditional things that we did not do because they didn't work for us. I will have to say the absolute most important part of the day was the ceremony. I'm not going to lie, out of all of the planning I spent almost all of my time working on the ceremony. I kind of left our reception up to my mom. We have extremely similar styles so I knew it was in great hands! This post will be pictures pre-ceremony and of our actual ceremony.

 I wish I could play in that dress every day.
 My momma helping me out.
 Love these ladies with all of my heart.
 My Nana.
 Ma mere francaise.
 My honey.
 The dudes.
 Us again.
 Hello nerves.
 Pat didn't want to see me before. I think I get the desired effect I was looking for ;)
 We love Father Michael. He did our premarital counseling, and he is truly a gift. We looked FORWARD to our premarital counseling sessions every single time.

 Our kiss came in the middle of our ceremony. It was important to us that our first act as a married couple was taking communion. We want to live our lives with God at the center of our relationship and what better way than to acknowledge the greatest gift he ever gave us- His Son.
 Singing one of my absolute favorite hymns- Be Thou My Vision

Relief. I am an introvert through and through. Being in the center of attention was so difficult for me.

Photographers- Willett Photography

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