Thursday, October 10, 2013

Walkin' in Memphis

This past weekend Pat and I made our way to Memphis for the wedding of two of my good college friends.We decided to break up the trip and drive just to Birmingham on Thursday. I love when we get to do this because that means we get to stay with my grandmother. It's always great to see her even if it is only for a short visit. We also got to see one of my best friends/sorority sister/ roommate from college. Even if it was only for an hour that Starbucks coffee trip brought back so many great memories from college.

Kelli and I

We woke up really early so I could make it to the Bridesmaid Luncheon on time. I only got one picture there. Of course it was of me and the bride :)

Emily and I 

The Rehearsal was a blast. I feel like that is weird to say, but we really all did have fun. I'm pretty sure we were all laughing the entire time. I've missed my college friends!
Blurry Bridesmaids + Bride

Despise this picture of me but Hubs is looking good!

Rehearsal Dinner with the Bride
After the Rehearsal Dinner we all went out on Beale Street for a little bit to a place called Alfreds. We had a blast just hanging out and listening to the band.

Alfred's with Emily
One last picture together before the big day!

The day of the wedding was actually pretty relaxing despite a mini disaster that morning. We all got ready at Emily's parent's house and of course their downstairs decided that would be a great day to get flooded. Yikes! It was all cleaned up super fast and there was nothing to worry about the rest of the day! Lucky Em- she got her "Wedding Day Disaster" out of the way early ;) 

Bride getting ready :)
Sweet Heather did all of our makeup. Quite the undertaking! ;)

All the girls before the ceremony

Reunion with Ky-Ky on the party bus :)
First Dance
Best wedding date around

All-in-all, the weekend was a blast! It was like a flashback to college and all of the band parties we went to together. Pat officially wishes he went to college in the south after realizing this was how college was for us. I wish we could do it once a month. Too bad we're all spread out from coast-to-coast! Now someone else just needs to get hitched :)

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