Monday, December 30, 2013

Four Christmases

So Christmas is always super busy for Pat and I. We both have two sets of parents and try to make it to see everyone. I only have pictures from two of the Christmases but they were all great! I have been cooking like crazy for three weeks now, and I think I'm going to let Pat cook all week ;) 

On the 23rd we had some of our good friends over for a meal and fellowship. We had a lot to celebrate!
Balke and I. Our wonderful cook in our group of friends. She made our wedding cake. We STILL get told how wonderful it was.
Brooklyn, Chicago and ATL- we have grown up a lot in the past 7 years! So wonderful to all be in the same place even for just a few hours

Newly Engaged! HOORAY! Can't wait, bride-to-be!!

Back from deployment. So proud of you , Nathan!
George! So good to see you for the first time in YEARS (and a wedding picture photobomb)
So for this shindig I made cheesecake for the first time ever. Of course I couldn't do just a normal cheesecake; I had to make it difficult. I'm proud to say that my Funfetti Cheesecake came out edible and is now being demanded requested for all future birthdays. 

Bam! Next goal is to make it with out a crack in it.

Here are some photos from family Christmas

You can tell who the spoiled ones are.

Hubby and I Christmas night

Yikes! I did a really bad job of taking pictures on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Well, I guess I was too busy baking and enjoying all of the wonderful food that was coming our way. Only 360 more days till next Christmas :)

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