Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Packing... For our getaway DAYS in advance. I don't think I ever packed for Europe this far in advance. SO ready to get away.

Hoping... little Tropical Storm Arthur decides to veer off course. Boo 4th of July hurricanes!!

Wishing... my little bout with vertigo would go away. I'm tired of feel queasy 24/7

Watching... The World Cup. All day, every day. SO proud of team USA. It seems like everyone has started to jump on the soccer wagon. Hope on, it's a blast! NEEDTOBREATHE. Their songs always speak right to my soul. You should check them out. Like right now. Watch the video.

Lille, France. June 2010
Missing... European summers. The World Cup has me missing my French family and friends more than ever.

Craving... Georgetown Cupcakes. They blow Sprinkles out of the water. I'm so ready for our store to open here in ATL. My wallet and waistline think differently.

Cooking... Everything. No, really. I have been a cooking machine recently. Get ready for a lot of recipes to come your way.

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  1. First of all, let me just say that that breakfast looks SOOOO good right about now! I absolutely LOVE biscuits! :)

    If I was going to Europe, I think I would have been packed a month ago. No shame in packing early!

    How long does this World Cup business last? I have zero idea what's going on. lol

    Needtobreathe really knows what they're doing. I just love the lead singers voice.

  2. For some reason those biscuits make me think of Flying Biscuit biscuits and now I am wishing I lived in ATL again just for Flying Biscuit! Phew, long train of thought ;)

  3. Ah, European vacay!? I just got back from France on Monday night. Tell me more about your trip!
    Thanks for linking up with us today!

  4. Now I'm craving cupcakes and European vacations too. Thanks for linking up!


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