Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Life Lately

I think it's safe to say that life lately has been hectic. A lot of changes have come our way. Some big, some not so big. The biggest in our lives is Pat finally graduating college. 

Graduation Celebration
Pat graduating was a huge accomplishment. If you are new around here you might think that he is kind of old to have just now finished his undergrad. Well, that husband of mine is a freak of an athlete. He took a few years off college to play soccer professionally in Europe. This blog would be a totally different place if that darn economy hadn't crashed so hard in Europe. Let's just say Pat is not a big fan of economics.

All that to say we have been stressed. So incredibly stressed. Pat is not only a freak of nature athlete but he was that person you hated in high school. So freakishly smart. He graduated Suma Cum Laude for goodness sake!! He should be able to find a job easy-peasy right?! NO. 

I know the Lord is using this time for us to trust in Him and know that he will always provide for us. He always has before. Why would He stop now? 

I ask that you please say a prayer for Pat and for our sanity. He really is a gifted man. A renaissance man if you will. I know that he will be an amazing employee for whoever hires him and will always work his butt off. I see him do it daily with all of the kiddos that he coaches. He is the number one goal keeper trainer in Georgia. You don't get to that level if you aren't a hard worker.
So just please if it happens to cross your mind, please say a prayer for peace. We are stressed. We are nervous. We are scared.
Thank you.

PS- If you live in ATL and you know of anyone who needs a bilingual (almost trilingual), mathematically efficient, engineering skilled, biologist please let me know. He's a catch. Trust me, I know ;)

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