Monday, July 14, 2014

Fireworks on the National Mall- Check!

It's no secret that I love America and any reason to celebrate her. So when the opportunity came to spend the 4th in DC (thank you tax return!!), we jumped all over it. I was pretty gungho about doing two things. 1-seeing my grandfather's grave site in Alrington and 2- watching the fireworks on the mall. Thankfully we were blessed enough to do both. Today I'm going to focus on fireworks on the mall and try and convince all of you that this event should be added to your Bucket List. 

Here's all you need to know-

Get there early and pick out your spot. We made sure to bring two blankets with us and we spread those suckers out. No need to have people sitting super close to you. I mean I love America and American's but I love my personal bubble too.

Make sure to be all decked out in 'Merica gear.

Pose for a million pictures in front of the monuments. Bring lots of dips to snack on and have a cooler full of drinks. This was something I learned the hard way. 4 years ago we went all excited to watch the fireworks and all of us walked away starving. Hello late night McDonald's run out of desperation!

Enjoy the sunset with hundreds of thousands of other Americans.

Be in awe. Seriously, there is nothing else like it. It's worth the two hour wait and such a fun relaxing way to enjoy the evening. 

Biggest tip of all- Walk around for an hour or so after the fireworks. That way you avoid the massive crowds at the metro stations :)


  1. Gorgeous. When I lived in Arlington I would just walk down to the Key Bridge and watch from there. Gorgeous view over the river without the metro insanity afterward. Looks like a great trip.

  2. How neat! I would love to go there to watch fireworks. Found your blog through a comment you made on another blogs post about blogging tips. Thought I would give it some love since I'm new at blogging as we'll. followed you on Google plus and twitter (@beccaroof) I love the layout of your blog!
    Xoxo Becca


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