Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Pat and I had been planning our trip to DC since February and we were SO  excited to get away for a few days. This was my first time back since interning and Pat's first time back since he was a moody 14 year old who hated everything in sight. This was going to be so good for the both of us!

Enter last Monday when I started to hear more and more about this little tropical depression they had so lovingly named, Arthur. I thought nothing of it. I was done with hurricanes now that I didn't live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast anymore. WRONG. 

Now last Thursday we got to the airport super early because I stress out when I travel. Getting to the airport meant we had to take the train in and fight our way through the ATL airport crowds. The ATL airport is basically my second home, but I can't ever get over how busy the place always seems to be. 

While we were sitting at our gate I started noticing all of the flights up and down the East Coast getting cancelled. Enter: slightly stressed B. I just knew what was coming next. Our flight : Cancelled. But you  know what? I was eerily calm when I found out the flight had been cancelled. 

We called Delta, got a refund on our flight, got a rental car and then started the mad dash to DC.

Our trusted stallion w/ some artwork from my hubs
We actually had a blast during the 10 hour drive. We were both so calm and just jammed out to music the whole time. Even my iPhone got in on the all nighter excitement.

What up, NTB?!
There came a point in time where I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer- I put in my headphones, turned up my sound machine app, and laid back my seat. Pat was such a trooper. He turned the radio up to his favorite XM station and just powered through until we arrived at 4:30AM.
4:30AM has never looked so beautiful in my life. Annnnd probably never will again. But...


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