Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Remember when...

This my homage to National BFF day that I just completely skipped. And my excuse to show old pictures of my that I find hilarious. AND my need to relive childhood as work has already driven me to the ledge this week. Just go with it :)


Making a pallet on the floor and setting up all your Beanie Babies with your BFF was a good night....

Running in the backyard and catching fireflies while sucking on honeysuckle made for some of the best nights

Summer camp became your other home. You'll grow to crave that place as you get older. Enjoy every minute of the cheers, the songs, the waterskiing, rock climbing, tubing and white water rafting. Soon you'll be sitting at a desk for 40+ hours a week.

Climbing trees made your afternoons quickly melt away into night time. Climb as many as you can. Soon you'll be too big and then probably cause the branches to snap in half.

Posing with your BFF on the beach was cute.

Summertime meant rides in either the old jeep or the old truck to go get candy from the gas station. With your parents and your BFF's parents, or course.

Remember every thing about the Olympics. Not everyone can say their hometown hosted the Olympics games. Go watch the torch run by..

And make sure to go to the Coca-Cola Village. You'll love it because it'll be the first time you'll ever get to have a key chain with your name on it.

You stepped outside of your comfort zone and went on a ride that scared you? Learn to get that fearlessness back. You could surely use it today...

I'm on the left. The other ging to the right is my cousin, Haley :)
You knew how to play piano? You should have stuck with those lessons and actually practiced like your mom asked you to. Practice means recitals which means pretty flowers...

You had to eat all your fruits and veggies and you couldn't wait to be an adult and choose all the good food for yourself? I hate to tell you this but as you get older you have to stop eating all those "good" foods all the time and eat almost all fruits and veggies. Getting old can stink.

You were an only child? Relish those moments, but you're going to love every second of being an older sister. No matter how much they scare or annoy you. They teach you a lot and you wouldn't trade them for the world.

You barely had a care in the world? Relish those days. Soon you'll be married and soon your BFF will be getting married in less than a year.

If you learn one thing, little B learn this... Keep that BFF from preschool. You may not talk every day, you may go to separate colleges and not talk for months, but you will always pick up right where you left off. After all, she was the first person you called about your first kiss, the person you cried with after each of your high school graduations, and the person you sobbed with when you moved away. She's your person and your constant. Never, ever let that friendship go. Here's to (almost) 24 years of friendship, Ellen! And here's to 70 more after that. After all, I need to have someone to gossip with in the nursing home when we're old and gray.


  1. Absolutely looooove this post and all your throwback pictures, too! :) My oldest friend and I met in 6th grade and it's been awesome to share every milestone with her since then. PS- loving those beanie baby pics!

  2. Love this post!!! It's like looking back over MY childhood! Beanie Babies, beach trips, summer food, and that water ride which was always my favorite (I can't remember what it's called now though).


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