Friday, June 13, 2014

World Cup Hotties

Look, I am seriously so very happily married that it doesn't even bother my husband when I say stuff like this. I think he's just happy that I watch soccer with him ;)

No, but really I love the World Cup and Euro Cup. I grew up playing soccer and if you're new around these my hubs is just a little soccer obsessed. He played professionally for 3 years in Croatia and we still watch a lot of soccer all. the. time. 

World Cup 2006- Quarterfinals Game: France vs. Portugal
I always love watching all of the games. I have been known to stand on the couch for a time or two when things get really intense during a US or France game. As I type this, I just realized this will be the first World Cup I am not in France for part of it since 2006. Seriously sad moment over here.

Now every 2-4 years I see American women all of the sudden get really hyped up for soccer. Why, do they do this you ask? Because they are all finally realizing what I have known for years. Soccer players are the most attractive athletes in the world. You can argue this with me but you will not win. Here is my list to prove it to you-

Gerard Pique (Spain)

Fernando Torres (Spain)

 Olivier Giroud (France)

Gary Cahill (England)

Michael Bradley (USA)

And there are seriously countless others. I am sorry but you will not see any Italian players around here. I am still a little bitter about the 2006 World Cup match (USA v Italy). Worst officiated game I have ever seen.

I hope that you all found a reason or two to watch the games. If any thing, it really is a beautiful sport and I always give major props to the players. The conditioning for soccer is intense and I would argue that they are the most in-shape athletes in the world.

Happy World Cup, y'all!

Go USA and Allez les bleus!!

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