Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This past weekend the husband and I drove down to New Orleans to celebrate two great friends of mine from college. They're getting married next month (I can't believe that next month is OCTOBER!) and this weekend was everything Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Our first pit stop was in Ocean Springs, MS. This town has always been one of my favorites in Mississippi. It is so picturesque and was the hometown to a famous Mississippi artist, Walter Anderson. When my family lived in Gulfport, MS my mom and I would make frequent trips over to Ocean Springs just to walk around and look at all of the local art. We did not get to drive in to downtown Ocean Springs (dang it!) because the purpose of our stop was lunch. Our lunch spot of choice was a place called The Shed. The Shed has been gaining notoriety ever since they opened a few years ago. They have been named to the #1 Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich in the country by a few different organizations, and I just knew my BBQ loving husband would love this place. 
My plate
Blogger won't let me rotate this, sorry! This is husband finishing his sandwich in under a minute. Seriously.
All in all, husband officially trusts my judgement when it comes to BBQ choices. I'm 2-for-2 so far! Our next stop was NOLA :)

Saturday night were the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. Sunday was a day of much needed rest and there was a Stock the Bar party held for the couple. Their bar was definitely stocked! We were all too tired to take pictures at the party and were such bums. Such party animals!!

Us ladies went out to a restaurant called Evangeline for our Bachelorette Dinner. It was a restaurant with New Orleans style food and all-in-all I was very pleased! I can't lie ... I also loved the restaurant because it was name Evangeline and it reminded me of this guy-

Pictures from our night out-

Our "Wedding Cake" shot... it tasted like cherry cough medicine. Yuck!

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