Thursday, February 13, 2014


I'm sure if any of you have seen the news you have seen that the southeast got it's second snow storm in two weeks. I don't even think I can describe how rare this is. This winter storm was worse than the last one, but the schools and government kept all of their people home. Thank goodness! That means that our streets are empty and no one got stranded like they did two weeks ago. It was extremely helpful that this storm started hitting late in the evening. That meant all of 50 of us who braved work on Tuesday got home just fine!

We didn't make it outside at all yesterday due to the terrible first half of this storm. We had almost all ice falling and a little bit of snow covering the ground. Thankfully Pat and I never lost power. My parents never lost power but unfortunately his mom lost power late last night. She lives in Augusta during the week, and they got the worst of the storm. Almost an inch of ice, and now snow on top of that. That inch of ice is supposedly record setting here in Georgia!

I don't know about y'all, but I am beyond ready for spring. This has been the strangest winter. I mean we are supposed to all be sick here in the south from it being in the 70s one day and then in the 40s the next by now!! Get it together Mother Nature!

One of the perks of all of this winter weather has been that we haven't been able to get out and spend any money. We are being forced to stay home and eat whatever we have here. No work, extra sleep and not spending any money?! I'm in!! ... Until tomorrow. I am getting out of my house tomorrow. I have to.

Snow Day Part 1- Husband made some great French Onion Soup in a Bread Bowl. My fave!
Notre maison sur le neige :)
Notre rue. Pas de conduite aujourd'hui.
Our sad attempt at a selfie in the snow
And just so you can see how crazy I am going....

Walking our neighborhood to see if I can get out for work. That's a NO!
Then Pat and I got stupid. Our cats always like to try and "escape" to explore right outside our house. I think we have finally cured them of that desire.

They were so mad. We didn't even have them outside for minute, but now they won't even get near the window...
Ignore our box from Costco
I think it's safe to say they won't be attempting to explore the great outdoors any time soon. 
And yes, one way to tell that I am really bored is that I start speaking and thinking in French again. I guess that's a blessing because it keeps my ear fresh so I never fully lose my French skills. I think it's time to make another trip back there :)

Today will be spent cleaning our whole house so we don't have to do it this weekend. I hope every one has had a great week. Hopefully you've been a little more productive then us!

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