Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day: Part Two

Here's something I never thought I'd say- snow & ice threw some kinks into many Valentine's Day plans here in ATL. I figured Friday at work would be a day full of sweet flower deliveries just like every other Valentine's Day. Welllllll, we had two flower deliveries. Yes, two. One of those deliveries? Sent to a coworker from her ex-boyfriend. Awkward. I felt so bad for florists here and up north. Valentine's Day is their Super Bowl and they just got wrecked. 

Pat and I don't really like to go all out on Valentine's Day. I would rather us do small things through out the year so we can keep dating each other even though we are married. Now that doesn't mean we do nothing. He always makes sure to do a little something, and I always love it.

 We decided to go to downtown Decatur and try a restaurant we had never tried before. Every single time we go to Decatur to eat we always kick ourselves for not doing it more. If you're not from around here, Decatur is a suburb right outside of Atlanta. Downtown Decatur is known for it's phenomenal restaurants and boutiques.

A little taste of what downtown Decatur, GA looks like
 Since we both used to live in Europe and miss it like crazy we decided to go to a restaurant called Sapori di Napoli. This. Place. Was. Amazing. The owners had everything inside the restaurant shipped over from Naples. They serve authentic Italian food and desserts that are out of this world. We decided to split a pizza, and we each got our own appetizers. Pat got some cheese that he claims was really good, and I couldn't resist a Caprese Salad. I am a sucker for fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar. Y'all even Pat ate one of my tomatoes. I can't even describe what an accomplishment that was for me!! 

Drooling just looking at that pizza
We decided to not get dessert because we had every intention of going to a nearby New Orleans Bakery for dessert. I say we had every intention because we happened to run into one of Pat's best friends (Chase) and his girlfriend on our way there. We ended up going to get drinks at a hole in the wall bar instead. What a great decision! We were drooling at all of the food they kept bringing out to other patrons and this was happening even though we were stuffed!! Needless to say, Brick Store Pub has been added on to our list of restaurants we must visit.

Brick Store Pub- How cool is that restaurant/bar?!

To me it was the perfect night for us to go out and eat just us two. It's so rare that we get to do that, and I was relishing every second. It got even better when we ran into an old friend and got to meet his newest lady friend. As many of you know, the south is a small world. It turns out Chase's new girlfriend is sorority sister of my cousin and they are in the same sorority family. Small world, I tell ya!

We ended our night back at home and survived  (HA!) the earthquake that hit just inside of South Carolina. My parents didn't feel a thing, but Pat and I did. I think it was because it was strangely quiet in our house and we were in the process of going to sleep. We actually thought it was one of our cats running around the house. Maybe it's a sign to put your animal on a diet when you mistake an earthquake for it running. Maybe.

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day and a great rest of your week. The rest of our weekend is a post for another time. Have a great week, y'all! Kick it in the butt! 

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