Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time to step into the confessional

Alright, time to step into the blogger confessional. You know, when you talk about all of the weird stuff you do that you're pretty sure isn't normal. Or that you're just plain lazy about. Hopefully this will serve as something that can convict me and get more on top of things around the house. I've been lacking a little recently. 

Remember this Axe Commercial? Am I the only one who doesn't like the smell of Axe anything??

  • I hate loading the dishwasher. Hate. It. For some reason the thought of touching old food makes me gag. Solution- just put the stuff I just used in the dishwasher instead of staking it in the freaking sink 
  • I can only make myself do laundry on the weekends. This means we're always behind on laundry. (No, Pat can't do it because he can't fold clothes to save his life. Maybe he folds badly so he gets out of doing laundry ... hmmmm) Solution- designate one night a week where I at least do one load of laundry
  • When I find a new blog I read it from beginning to the present. Does that make me a weird stalker or something? I can't help it. I want to get to know everyone and understand all of the inside jokes on the newer posts. Solution- There isn't one. I probably won't stop doing this. Sorry for being a creep.
  • I'm always cold. It drives Pat insane because you will see me in our house mid-July with a down comforter thrown over me. Solution- Never ever move north of the Mason-Dixon Line ;)
  • I don't dust. I see stuff I need to dust and forget to do it. Solution- designate a weekend every month where I dust our whole house
  • I have some serious road rage. I think learning how to drive in Atlanta is the root of this problem, and I seriously think people who live outside of the city/state should never be allowed to drive here during rush hour. Typing that out makes me sound even more insane. Yikes! Solution- Pray for more patience and grace. It's a daily prayer of mine, but I really need to focus it on the times I am driving to and from work. 
  • I really need to work on putting. my phone. down. I always find myself at a table full of people I love, enthralled by something on my phone instead of focusing on the present. Solution- Leave my phone in my purse. Talk to others about implementing a new game- place all phones in the middle of the table and whoever uses theirs during the meal/gathering has to pick up the whole tab
  • I used to be really good about having "Quiet Time" every day where I would be in The Word, Journal, Pray, etc. I have gotten really bad about it ever since I have been out of college. I need to start taking time for it again because I can tell the difference in my mental health when I am not on top of it. Solution- Either wake up earlier or have a time every night where I participate in a "Quiet Time"
  • I generally have these grand dreams on a trip Pat and I can take together. I have one in mind now, but I have yet to do anything about it. Solution- Stop just dreaming. Put in for the time off, buy the tickets, save up the spending money and just go!
As you can see a lot of my issues have to do with laziness. Here's to quitting being idle, doing all of my chores so I don't get overwhelmed when I have to do them all at once, being more patient, being more present, and just going!

Phew, if you got all of that I'm impressed. Then again I think I might be the only person that reads this little blog of mine and that's just fine!! There really is something to be said about writing things out that convicts you but also give you a sense of freedom. This was more for me than anyone else. Who knows, maybe someone else learned something from my laziness :)

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