Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring Fever

Any one else out there tired of this winter? Everyone? Ok, good. Last weekend was so glorious but such a tease. I really do think everyone has been in a terrible mood this week because last weekend it was spring like and this week has been all winter. Spring Fever has set in for good.

I can't wait for...

Our annual day spent at the Fado St. Paddy's Day festival
Hubs photo bomb and a random stranger. That's skill!
Our pilgrimage to the Renaissance Festival where Pat is 5 years old again, and I try not to spend my whole paycheck on art from local artists
It was too perfect to pass up ;)
Nights spent on the porch of my favorite local pizza joint that look like this-

Fellini's and Sweetwater 420 = Perfection
Taking my brothers to a Braves game and giving my parents a night to themselves

Days spent out on a boat that look like this-

And this-

And most definitely like this-
'Merica and Mountains! Doesn't get much better 
For these little gifts from God to be back in season-

Relaxing on my back porch and enjoying my all time favorite spring time treat
That reaction is genuine, and I may be known to dance in the grocery store when it comes in from Louisiana 
Celebrating my love and the best year of my life so far
I'm shy and I was kissing in front of my parentals. I'm awkward.
Can you tell Spring is my favorite time of year?? Bring on the hydrangeas and magnolia blooms! I'm hoping for a lot more sunshine and less rain this year.

We're almost there, people!! Just a couple more weeks...

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