Thursday, January 23, 2014

January over the years

And by years I mean the past 4...

Over the past 4 Januarys I have gone from girlfriend, to almost a graduate, to engaged, to finally employed, and now to wifey! Woah. It's seriously hard for me to believe that 4 years ago I was at the beginning of my last semester of college (serious frown face right here). I loved my college experience and wouldn't change a thing! Well, maybe I should have studied a little more ;)

I'm getting really sad that college was 4 years ago. I miss my sweet little college town with my favorite football and baseball teams! Oh, what I would give to still be able to get student prices to games (Free- $7!!). There is nothing like tailgating in the Junction before a football game or watching a baseball game from Left Field Lounge at Dudy Noble. It's the number one place to watch college baseball. I ain't lying, people!! See-

Sorry, I just loved my school so much that it's hard not to brag about it :)
Now back to the point of this post!

It snowed in MS!! It was my sweet friends first time to ever see snow! What a joy it was to see the pure joy on her face.
It snowed TWICE that January! We may or may not have been breaking a few rules by taking our pictures on the football field ;)
Back when we were dating. Some how those earrings of his have disappeared ;)

We got engaged this January! I'll do less talking and let the pictures show you how great of a month it really was!

Yep, we are self proclaimed nerds. We got engaged at Harry Potter World on January 6, 2012.

This sweet friend made the trip with us and ended up making our wedding cake-

Poor Sarah had no idea he was going to propose. She did pretty good thinking on her feet with that camera though!
And because I was just bragging she made our wedding cake-

Best cake I have ever had. I'm not just saying that because it was my wedding cake. It really was. Yellow cake with a key lime cure and graham cracker strudel. Drooling over here.
Back to January 2012-

I just happened to be re-reading the 6th HP book. I had to take this picture- of course!

January 2013
We got to spend our New Year in New Orleans with some of my sweet friends from college. This Pat's first trip ever to the Crescent City. I think it's safe to say that he fell in love with it.

Jackson Square
Down by the river watching the fireworks

We're married! We took it easy this New Year Eve because I had to work, but we have been busy this whole month! (It's almost February?!) Our biggest adventure so far has been Nashville-


I hope I didn't bore y'all too much! It's crazy how much has changed over the past 4 years. I can't wait to see where we are in 2018!

This idea came from Erin over at the blog "Love, Fun and Football" Go check her out and he designs. She's working on a new design for me right now, and I can't wait for y'all to see it! She is fabulous!

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