Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Southern Snow Day

We are in the midst of one of the extremely rare snowstorms we get here down in Atlanta. The city is basically shut down, people are having 2+ hour drives home, kids are stuck at school because the buses can't run, and it hasn't even snowed a whole inch yet! It's beautiful and making me wish we had a fireplace. For now I'm going to enjoy some Netflix binging. Maybe we'll get to play later! Snow days are so much as an adult, but don't tell the kids that ;) 

Here is my office complex just as the snow was starting-

And our house an hour later-

It's still coming down out there! Excuse me while I bask in a winter wonderland. Winter today, 60s on Saturday. That statement alone describes the south and our weather. 

If y'all are down here, I hope you're enjoying this rare weather! If you're from out west or up north, please try not to laugh too hard ;) 

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