Monday, May 26, 2014

A (very) Pretty Place

Memorial Day Weekend is always one of my favorites every year. I mean, who doesn't love patriotic holidays?!

This year we spent our MDW in Asheville, NC and in Greenville, SC. Our trip to Asheville was a graduation and anniversary present to us from my parents. The trip to Greenville was more of a last minute decision due to a family situation but it was so good for the soul.

You want to know when you're really enjoying your time out of town with your hubs? When you take two pictures in one of your most favorite places and one of those pictures is from your favorite brewery/soccer bar there. But seriously y'all, Asheville is a hidden gem that I think everyone should discover once in their lives.

Green Man Brewery
Marriage is about compromise and doing things that will make your spouse happy. My hubs is happy discovering a new town, when he's in the mountains, discovering new beers and enjoying good food. Asheville is the perfect place for him.

Asian food puts him in one of his happy places
Pat and I are both huge fans of being in the mountains. The mountains always include boiled peanuts which makes them heaven on earth for this girl. Seriously drooling even just thinking about boiled peanuts now. Excuse me while I drive back to North Georgia for a quick trip...

Caesar's Head, SC
My cousin Brooke was such a wonderful tour guide and even put up with my husband's antics. Like that one time he decided to show us an off course drop-off where we both slid down half of the mountains. Hashtag fun times.

Oh, we're going to need a giant stick to climb back up the mountain?! Sounds fun...
I will be forever grateful that she took me to one place that I have always wanted to see. I mean that place is named "Pretty Place." Who wouldn't want to see a place named that?!

I lift my eyes to the hills... Psalm 121:1
Pretty Place, SC

Pretty Place, SC
If a view like that can't get you to visit the south then I'll just have to bribe you with my momma's fried chicken. I am always in awe of the Lord's creation every single time I go to the mountains or whenever I travel around the south. Seriously, come visit. We have the mountains, lakes, swamps, oceans, wonderful food and amazing people. What's there to not like? Maybe you'll even get to visit a (very) Pretty Place...

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  1. I love Asheville, and the mountains, and sushi! :) So this post makes me happy!!!


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