Monday, May 5, 2014

Celebrations: Graduation Style!

This weekend was all about celebrating my hubs and his college graduation. We can't really believe he's done, but I know that he is so so excited. Ahhh, college graduation. That time where you feel really excited and stressed all at the same time.
 "I'm done! What do I do now? I'm now that unemployed person people always talk about. I need a job. How do I find a job?"
I remember feeling that way very well. Poor hubs is feeling that way right now x1000. I think he feels more pressure now because he feels like he needs to be the man of the house. Right now our prayer is that the right job comes along. Obviously sooner rather than later, but we are praying that it is the right job. Prayers for patience and peace are something that we are coveting right now.

Friday night we spent the evening at the Braves game. I managed to score some company tickets so free tickets and a parking pass made the night that much better. Pat's mom had been wanting to go to a game for a few years so we figured this would be the perfect game to take her to. It was a gorgeous night and perfect baseball weather. The four of us (Pat's stepdad included in that) had a blast!

Saturday we did our usual weekly errands and then got to do a mini celebration with Pat's dad. We took him to our favorite local pizza place for lunch. We just knew that the day was going to be filled with great food so we made sure to go on an extra long walk/run/jog with Chloe that day.

Just sitting here drooling at my desk ...

That night we got to eat at one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta, Horseradish Grill. Pat is only slightly obsessed with their Pimento Cheese and Grits Fritters. By slightly obsessed I mean he ordered one appetizer for himself and wouldn't let anyone else touch them. Not that we would have had the time to because they were gone in 30 seconds. No exaggerations here this time. They were gone in 30 seconds.

There is now a lake where my desk used to be from all of my drool....

All-in-all, the weekend full of celebrations was a great one. I probably need to go run a million miles after all of the wonderful food we ate but that's just not going to happen. One weekend of celebrations down, one to go. Can't WAIT for this coming weekend. We'll be celebrating our moms AND us.
 What up, 1 year anniversary?! You certainly got here quickly.

I hope each and every one of you have an amazing weekend! Happy Monday folks!

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