Thursday, May 1, 2014

Stitch Fix Number 2

I just need to go ahead and get this off my chest... I loooooove Stitch Fix!! It's like someone takes some of my pins from Pinterest and then sends them to me... Oh wait, they basically do that! You can link your Pinterest to your Stitch Fix and then a stylist there will pick things they think you will like.

When I opened this box the first thing I said was, "Uh oh." My husband walked over and said, "Well, they nailed you with this one." He knew I was in trouble. Let's go through the box! *Disclaimer- ignore the scenery of these pictures. As I am sure you have heard, the weather sucks in the south right now.*

I walked out to show my husband this outfit and he even said he loved it! That's a big deal for my hubs. The shirt is the perfect size and super flowy. Those jeans... well, let's just say they are never something I would pick up for myself, but I love them. They are super comfy and not tight at all.

And what it's like to take pictures with a puppy...

I surprisingly loved this shirt. I didn't think I would like the cut of this shirt on me. One of the reasons I love it is because I can dress it up for work or throw it on with jeans. Perfect for me!

Ok, I wanted to love this shirt. I really, really did. The color of this shirt already takes over my closet so I was immediately drawn to it. Unfortunately, the cut of the shirt did not work for me at all. I felt like it came up to high in the front so sadly that meant I had to send her back.

If you can't tell already I love me a good floral print. I love love love the floral print on this dress. Unfortunately, the main color of this dress is just way to close to my skin color. It washes me out so this little baby got sent back too.

I already can't wait for my next fix! I'll be pinning away until then...

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Do you love it as much as I do? If you want to try it please click here and go through my referral link- You'll get signed up a little quicker. Also, you get $20 credit for each fix you do. That $20 goes towards anything you would purchase from your Fix! Try it out, y'all! You won't regret it.

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