Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Ohmygosh it's been (almost) a year since our wedding edition

I am oh so sorry for this picture dump. I'm having too much fun looking back at everything right now. I promise I cut it down big time.

1) Ummmm, what?! It's been almost a YEAR since our wedding. That's not possible.
2) It's only been a year??

But seriously. I really can't believe it's been a year since our wedding and at the same time I can't believe it's only been a year. It's funny that time can work out that way, huh?

Around this time last year I was doing this...

Getting manis and pedis with my girls. AKA the last time I got a mani and pedi. I should do that again soon. That was fun...

And then being a good Bride who was oh so concerned with how she was going to look in her wedding gown at the Bridesmaids Luncheon, Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner. Can you sense the sarcasm there? Pretty sure I ate my way through the day before the wedding. Great. Smart idea, B. Your dress isn't forming fitting at all.

Dear sorority sisters who I miss so much

My French BFF who is always styling
Sister, sister
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd for the one of the first times in over a decade my dad's whole side of the family showed up at a family event. Twas a miracle!

Hellooooo demon eyed Schirra family!
The eight grandkiddos together foreva... uhhh, or not until someone else decides to get married. (I'm looking at you Cassie & Brooke)
No Rehearsal Dinner is complete without a great photobomb by your mom and little brother, amirite?!
And here's the part where I tear up again because this is all the stuff that made me cry that night. You can join if you'd like. I have kleenex to share.

My amazing French family is first up. My French parents don't speak any English at all. So what do they do for their only American daughter's wedding?! They take English classes and then give a speech at my Rehearsal Dinner. Yep, you would have bawled too. All of my makeup .. just gone.

And then finally getting to sit with your BFF of 22 years. Y'all, you know there's going to be tears. She's getting married next year and we're just going to bawl again then. You will be a stunning bride, my dear!

Bright red and make up gone. I was a stunning bride-to-be. What can I say...
And then Carrie. Oh my beautiful cousin Carrie. She's gifted y'all. A wonderfully talented singer. You throw in Carrie, my guitar playing Uncle Joe and an emotional me ... Well, of course I'm going to bawl through out their entire version of "The Wedding Song (There is Love)" Blogger won't let me upload their version of the song, but here it is sung by the people who made it famous, Peter, Paul and Mary

Do you have anything from your Rehearsal Dinner that still makes you tear up or am I just a sap??

Happy Thursday, y'all! We are almost to the weekend :)

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