Thursday, May 15, 2014


I have seen this post floating around the blogosphere, and I'm not even sure where I got it to begin with because my idiot self looked at it at work awhile ago. So now I can't find my original link. World's Greatest Blogger right here!

Making: Plans for our budget. This blog post is off to quite a thrilling start, wouldn't you say???

Cooking: Grilled chicken, white corn and baked potatoes. I live for grilling season! And I'm going to let you in on a secret. Want the easiest grilled chicken recipe ever? Marinate your chicken in Italian dressing and then grill it. That's it. You're welcome.

Drinking: Water with lime. SO much better than water with lemon. Yeah, I said it. But seriously... try it. You'll love it.

Reading: A Feast for Crows aka the 4th book in the Game of Thrones series

Wanting: To be where I was this time last year...

St. Lucia, a boat, the Pitons, and Piton beer?! Just living the dream...
Looking: at my computer. Duuuuuh.

Playing: Ugh, I can't believe I am about to admit this... I'm still a Candy Crush addict.

Wasting: My time browsing through homes for sale around Atlanta online... 

Wishing: Pat's job search would end ASAP with a wonderful opportunity for him.

Enjoying: Evening walks with Chloe (our dog) and then watching her romp in our backyard. So much pure joy!

Waking: Up at 7:30 on Saturday. I am seriously so excited to be able to sleep in till 7:30. Who am I and when did I become a grandma?

Liking: That it's THURSDAY so that means tomorrow is FRIIIIIIIIIDAY!

Wondering: How I'm going to learn how to cook crawfish by Saturday *insert panicked B here* 

Loving: That I got to fall asleep listening to the rain last night. 

Hoping: That traffic will be nice to me tomorrow. It was the definition of mean today.

Listening: To the new squeaky toy we got Chloe and feeling my sanity slowly slip away...

We don't believe in the personal bubble in this house anymore.
Needing: To win the lottery so I can travel the world and adopt all the babies I want! Seriously. Pat and I are wanting to go on a mission trip here soon and he is legitimately worried that I'm going to try and adopt all the kiddos.  

Smelling: Honeysuckle around our house and the Volcano candle that is always lit in our house

Wearing: Sweat pants and a t-shirt. The definition of glam sitting over here.

Following: Way too many TV shows. And people keep telling me to watch more. I am now in the phase of starting to cut back so I can read more. 

Noticing: That I seriously need a hair cut. It's bad. Really really bad. 

Feeling: Excited for an upcoming getaway that Pat and I have planned.

Opening: A bazillion different tabs on the internet- Pinterest, FB, Twitter, Blogger ... I should step away from my computer 

Giggling: At my precious little pup that can't be graceful no matter how hard she tries.

What have you been up to currently?

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