Thursday, April 24, 2014

Losing weight is easy!

.... said no woman EVER.

Everyone on the "trying to lose weight/eating healthy/working out but failing miserably" train say "AYE!" Because that's me. Right now.

Now let's talk about my hubs, Pat. Let's talk about how he just casually mentions every other week that he lost 10 pounds.

 Now let's talk about how much he worked out. Hint- it's usually zero 

Now let's talk about how I thought I was fat in this picture

Uhhh, WHAT?! Also, I loved my hair that day. That's the last time I can really remember having a really, really good hair day. Get your ish together ginger hairs!
And this one...

I was an idiot
And def this one...

1- I miss that summer/place; 2- idiotidiotidiot
Moral of that story is I was not the brightest crayon in the crayon box in college. Also... ihatemetabolisms. Well, I would still love mine if it acted like it did in college. When I would put ranch dressing on my pizza. (Thank you, Mississippi for living up to your repppp... and for introducing me to greatness. Like ranch. On everything.)

These days I work out more than I have since middle school. You know back in the day when I was playing soccer and swim teaming it up all at the same time. You know when I had actual abs. Then I became a teenager. You know what teenagers do? They sleep. They sleep and get lazy. Enter B of today- I walk/run after work and then do huge long workouts on the weekends.

Want to know how much weight/inches I've lost?


Frustrated would be an understatement. Especially with the hubs just breathing and losing 10 pounds. So, now I ask all of you... What are your tricks? I've changed my whole diet. Seriously. Pat even likes veggies now which is a miracle. SO... have any of you tried Advocare? I have a lot of friends who are distributors and I'm seriously thinking about doing it. Please share your secrets. So I can whine and complain about being as "fat" as I was in college.

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