Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Bucket List

Better late than never, right?! Because I am really really late on this one...

Spring is my favorite time of year. I love finally breaking free and spending countless hours outside. This spring we are trying to find things that are cheap and outside that we can do with Chloe (our little pup). I have a few things lined up that have her in mind and some things that are just for me.

  1. Bark in the Park- Pat and I are really really looking forward to this. It's $15 a person/canine and Chloe gets a Braves leash. Cannot wait!!
  2. Renaissance Festival- Pat loves this festival every year and sadly we couldn't make it last year. We have plans to go this year, and we are thinking we are going to go on Pet Appreciation Weekend. Here's to a day filled with jousting, turkey legs and mead!  
  3. Get a mani/pedi- It's been almost a year since the last time I got one. The last time was right before our wedding. My finger and toe nails have been seriously neglected.
  4. Brunch with the girls- it has been just way too long since the last time we did this. 
  5. Have the crawfish boil we keep talking about
  6. Celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary 
  7. Have a doggie play day for Chloe
  8. Bike around Stone Mountain
  9. Celebrate Pat being finished with school!!!
  10. Have a Girls' Night 

 I hope you have been enjoying some spring like weather wherever you are. I am enjoying everything coming to life down here in Atlanta.

What's on your bucket list this spring?

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