Monday, March 10, 2014

ABC... easy as 123

A - Age: 25
B - Birthday: August 14
C - Color: Blues and greens- I love them mixed together, I love them separate
D - Drink: Water with lime, Coffee, Abita Strawberry is my splurge every year, and the occasional glass of wine
- Essential Item: Chapstick
F - Flashback: My first time ever seeing my husband in French class our Sophomore year of high school. I love that I can still remember seeing him for the first time, and I can still remember the butterflies I felt at that exact moment :)
G - Gent: My husband
H - Hobby: photography (I'm learning!), cooking, travel, reading
I - Indulgence: buffalo chicken anything, Fellini's pizza dipped in their creamy Italian dressing, my Momma's fried chicken, my mom's famous chocolate cake and butter cream icing, key lime pound cake ... I'm just going to stop now...
J - Job: I work for a company that provides car warranties through out the US and overseas. I assist with the French Marketing and all of our execs with our new clients. We have new clients (car brands) every month... it's a crazy booming business! I really really hope to be able to bake and sell my baked goods one day.
K - Kiddos: We would love to have little nuggets of our own one day!! I also pray that we will one day be in a financial situation where we are able to adopt a couple kiddos :)
L - Live: Atlanta, Georgia
M - Music: I will listen to just about anything, with the exception of most rap. Lecrae is the only rap I will listen to (best workout music!). DMB and OAR will always be two of my favorite bands. It is a dream of mine to see Billy Joel live one day. I do live in the south and love me some country music!
N - Nickname: Everyone calls me B. Pat will call me Bieber to annoy me. I'm sure you can all figure out why that annoys me...
O - Overnight hospital stays: None for me so far, praise the Lord!
P - Pets: Two adopted cats and hopefully a pup one day soon! I'm trying real hard to convince Pat that we need one :) I'm the dog person; he's the cat person
Q - Quote from a movie: You know what, I don't really think I have one. I'll just share my life verse instead- Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9 This scripture is one that is always written on my heart. I can be in the midst of darkness and at my lowest points, but I know the Lord will always be there walking right beside me. There is no greater comfort than that. None. He is there during the happiest of times and at the lowest. During this season of unknowing, (aren't we all technically always in one?) it is a comfort to Pat and I that we both know He is directing us down a path to do His will for our lives. He has the most perfect plan for us. Now we just need to trust Him and know that we could never pick out a better plan for ourselves. He knows our needs before we even know them. What a sweet Father we have in heaven!
R - Right or left: I'm a lefty - yep, I am a redheaded, left-handed step daughter. The trifecta!
S - Siblings: two brothers; one sister
T - Temperature: Currently it is spring like! It's in the 70s here in Atlanta and I will most likely sob when it gets cool again at the end of the week. This weather right now is perfection!
U - University: Mississippi Sate University (Hail State!); Majors- International Business (marketing focus) and French
V - Vehicle: Kia Sorento. My first car was my dream car (97 Toyota 4Runner). Someone ran a red light and my baby got totaled :( I still miss that car every day...
W - Worst Habit: having to rewash clothes about two different times, not brushing my teeth right before bed every night (I can't believe I just admitted that on here...)
X - X-ray: Numerous X-rays of my kidneys and appendix (RIP April 2010) and the normal wrist and mouth X-rays at the dentist.

Y - Yuck: The noise of smacking gum/food, needles, spiders and ATL traffic
Z - Zoo animal favorite: I know it says Zoo animal, but I am an aquarium kind of girl all the way! I love me some dolphins, whale sharks, penguins, sea turtles, and star fish :)

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