Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I am literally bursting at the seams because as of this morning I get to go here this summer..  

Summer 2009
I haven't been back since I interned on The Hill in the summer of 2009 aka the best summer of my life. I am such a history nerd and DC is just chalk full of history.
Arlington National Cemetery 
My favorite place in DC is the Arlington National Cemetery. Now I'm not morbid but there is something so peaceful and beautiful about the place. Not to mention I get to go and pay respects to one of my favorite veterans whenever I do go...
My sweet Papa
I know we'll have to go to the Air and Space Museum because my husband is a Space nerd. I have been so many times I could give my own tours of the place, but that's OK because my family has a claim to fame in the place...
One of the original astronauts of the good 'Ole US of A is a cousin of mine
I'm also excited because I get to spend time with this girl and her amazing husband...

Woah on the Sorority Pose by me
And I will hopefully (fingers crossed, people!!) get to spend time with two of my all time favorite people...
Annapolis, MD at the United States Naval Academy in 2009 
My Aunt Jane and Uncle Bill!!! They've been married for around 60 years and are such an inspiration to me. One of my all time favorite memories is having them be a tour guide to me and my friend Allison around the United States Naval Academy. My Aunt Jane was so cute telling us how they used take extra long to cross the roads when they were dating because that was the only time they could touch (he had to give her his arm to cross the road). Swoon. Such a sweet sweet memory of mine.

If you can't already tell, I am counting down the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds ... OK, not really, but I am so so excited!! I already have some ideas in my head of things for us to do. Eeeek!!!


  1. what a fun trip!! love DC, it is a beautiful place!

    1. I am bursting at the seems I'm so excited! It is such a beautiful city. I'm so happy I can appreciate it now instead of finding it all boring when I was kid ;)


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