Monday, March 24, 2014

Taking my closet back!

I have always struggled with having a nice and organized closet. As a kid my closet became the place where I would stuff every thing to show my mom that I had "cleaned" my room. Thankfully, I have grown out of that phase.

I am a lover of old homes. I think they have so much charm and the little quirks that you would never be able to find in a newer home. I am a sucker for an old creaky hardwood floor. Oh, and glass door knobs. One of the things that will always come with an older home is smaller closets. We are currently renting an older home, and I knew I would have to get creative on  how to optimize the space I had in my closet.

I had registered for a shoe rack when we got married, but it ended up being way too big for the closets in our home. So after staring at an open closet door (it couldn't close with the shoe rack) for months, I finally went to Bed, Bath & Beyond last week and got myself a more compact shoe rack.

Here is a before picture-

My tiny little closet was a hot mess and needed some help ASAP.


It is amazing to me how much a new shoe rack and hangers can make such a big difference in my little closet. I wanted to use every nook and cranny that I had available in my closet so I put my boots and scarves in the little corners. They were the perfect fit!

I really just feel so much better and lighter when I see my closet now. I love how easy it is to find everything, and I especially love that I now have all of my spring/summer clothes and shoes at the forefront!

Have you had to find different ways to maximize a small space? Please share if you have! Lord knows I need plenty more suggestions to get this house completely organized.

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