Thursday, March 6, 2014

101 in 1001

I have seen these lists going around the Blogging World for a few months now. I'm not going to lie I was actually pretty intimidated to even think about making one of these lists. How silly of me! I love having things written down and I love lists. This is the perfect way for me to achieve some things that have been bouncing around my head for years. Now that I have it written (typed) out, I can hold my self more accountable for achieving the things I would love to achieve. Thank you for inspiring to finally bite the bullet and make a list, Rachel! You can check at her list at her blog, Oh Simple Thoughts.
As you will notice some of the things are more serious than others. Also, you'll probably notice that a lot of the things revolve around traveling and food. Girl's gotta eat, y'all!
I will be updating through out the next 1001 days as I mark things off the list. I will have from March 6, 2014 until December 1, 2016 to achieve what I can on the list. Here we go!

1. Go to the movies five times
2. Volunteer on a Habitat for Humanity house
3. Volunteer at the Atlanta Mission
4. Consistently put away $100 into savings from each pay check for 3 months
5. Do a "no spend" month
6. Go visit friends who live more than 5 hours away
7. Hike and camp out at Tallulah Gorge
8. Finish a Beth Moore Bible study with a friend
9. Journal every day for a month
10. Celebrate our 1 year anniversary Completed 5.11.14
11. Celebrate our 2nd anniversary
12. Celebrate our 3rd anniversary
13. Go see a musical with my husband
14. Go to at least two concerts
15. Take a weekend trip to Savannah
16. Go to the beach
17. Go and visit my grandmothers just because
18. Go to Asheville, NC for a day trip
19. Learn how to solemn ski
20. Go white water rafting
21. Swim with the Beluga whales at the GA Aquarium
22. Go on a dinner date with a friend 20 different times (3.5.14)
23. Go to brunch at least 10 times
24. Read through the entire Bible
25. Send our Compassion kid a letter once a month for a year
26. Have our friends over for a Crawfish Boil
27. Go to a home game at Mississippi State
28. Run a 5k
29. Run the Peachtree Road Race
30. Go see my grandfather's grave in Arlington National Cemetery
31. Make a photo book of our wedding pictures Complete 3.20.14
32. Make a photo book of our honeymoon pictures Completed 3.19.14
33. Learn how to make my momma's famous fried chicken
34. Learn how to make a quilt
35. Get our wedding quilt finished
36. Buy our first house
37. Go snow skiing
38. Get professional pictures taken of us
39. Take a picture together every year on our anniversary
40. Throw a bridal shower for a very dear friend
41. Get a dog Completed 3.28.14
42. Host Thanksgiving or Christmas
43. Take a cooking class at The Viking School
44. Take a class at Sip n Stroke with Pat
45. Put our paintings from the class on display
46. Get the Bible Verses from our wedding printed and framed for display
47. Write down our wedding vows and keep them in my Bible for a daily reminder of our covenant
48. Have the college students Pat is coaching over for dinner
49. Get that nice camera I have been eyeing for years  Completed 4.20.14
50. Learn how to use that camera
51. Go to Mardi Gras
52. Go to the Sun Dial restaurant
53. Go eat where we had our rehearsal dinner Completed 5.10.14
54. Make lasagna from scratch
55. Go on a date to the Food Truck Park here in Atlanta Completed 3.22.14
 56. Send out Christmas cards
57. Be done with Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving
58. Go back to Harry Potter World
59. Bake Pat a cake for his 26th and 27th birthdays
60. Plan a Eurotrip for 2016
61. Get the French version of Rosetta Stone
62. Brush up on my French and keep my ear using Rosetta Stone
63. Send a package to my French family filled with their favorite American goodies
64. Go to the doctor and get a shot/blood drawn without crying
65. Don't buy anything that isn't on my grocery list at least 10 times
66. Ride a paddle boat in the tidal basin in front of the Jefferson Memorial
67. Go on a Girls' Trip
68. Organize my closet Completed 3.24.14
69. Go for a run every day after work for a month
70. Bike all the way around Stone Mountain without stopping or walking
71. Take a picture in the church we got married in on our first anniversary Completed 5.11.14
72. Take a picture at our reception sight on our first anniversary
73. Dance to our first dance song on our 1st, 2nd and 3rd anniversaries
74. Give up soda for a month (and maybe forever?!)
75. Save up for a new car
76. Get our couch cleaned
77. Hike Kennesaw Mountain for the first time since high school
78. Take pictures of Pat in the goal
79. Reenact our engagement pictures in front of the ATL skyline
80. Send a friend a package just because
81. Try five new fruits at the Farmer's Market
82. Make beignets for breakfast one day
83. Have breakfast for dinner one night
84. Sell a piece of furniture made by us
85. Sell a baked good (people keep telling me to do this)
86. Learn how to make my momma's famous Potato Soup
87. Dust around our house once a week for a month (aka get into the habit of it)
88. Buy a strangers meal
89. Go ice skating
90. Make a ginger bread house
91. Plant an herb garden Completed 3.8.14
92. Spend an hour laying outside and looking at the stars
93. Finish the Game of Thrones series
94. Go to Oktoberfest in Helen
95. Go on a picnic
96. Host a dinner party
97. Go to the zoo
98. Finish all of my name change stuff Completed 4.4.14
99. Make ice cream/sorbet from scratch
100. Fly a kite
101. Do a random act of kindness at least 5 times

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  1. Awesome list! I got some great ones to add to my own! I am in the process of choosing them! I am going to do a 25 WHILE 25 list :)


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