Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY state of mind

How many of you ladies out there always seem to come up with another DIY project that will be just right for your husband to help out on right as he has started to believe you have no more in mind? Just me? Poor Pat ;)

Pat is finishing up school so I am the main bread winner of our family. He'll be finished in about 40ish days (I swear I'm not counting down) and then he'll be out in the real world. Prayers for a great job opportunity for him would be greatly appreciated!
One full-time income + one part-time income = not whole lot of money. 
B + Pottery Barn catalog + Anthropologie = a whole lot of money.

I think it's pretty safe to say that I have champagne taste on a beer salary. I'm always that person who walks into a store and goes "Ooooh, that's pretty!!" and it's the most expensive thing in the store. Every single time. It's a talent.

Learning this about myself has allowed us to get creative with making our house into a home on a small budget. We know to go check out the Rooms to Go Outlet early on Saturday, and I've learned to Pinterest/Google great furniture making websites. Y'all, I am about to give you a gift because the website I am about to share is one that has single handily given us the building plans for almost all of the furniture in the main room in our house. - bookmark, star, favorite, whatever that website. You will not regret it!

So far we have made two things, and Pat now has two more on his to-do list... I'll be breaking that news to him when he gets home from coaching tonight :)

What we've made:

I cannot brag on Pat and his building skills enough. Even our landlord has asked him to build him a TV stand. I also can't brag on how much of a money saver those two pieces of furniture are. A similar table at Pottery Barn costs almost $2,000. That just was not going to happen. Our table cost us just a little over $100. You can't beat that!

On our to-do list:

This coffee table would match our console table. The only changes we would make would be taking the "X" accent and metal features off.


We would make the same changes to the two end tables we will eventually make. The coffee table is a priority for me right now so two of those pretties will just have to wait.

DIY has been so great for both Pat and I. We get to build together, tell people we built the furniture in our house and save money! Those are all wins in my book.

Do you have any DIY projects lined up? I would love to hear about them!

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