Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!!

Or Happy Shrove Tuesday if you're Episcopalian :)

I can't believe the Mardi Gras season is already coming to an end. I know most people throughout the country think of Mardi Gras as only the day of Fat Tuesday itself. Well, Mardi Gras actually starts on January 6th or as it's better known, Epiphany. Through out the whole season (and year really) the different Krewes get their throws (beads, coins, cups, shoes, plungers, etc) together and throw their balls with their full courts on display. Each Krewe is very different and unique. 

One of my BFFs from college and I in New Orleans for Mardi Gras in 2008
Mardi Gras (as the USA knows it) actually started in Mobile, AL where the French first settled when they came over to the new world. New Orleans has become the epicenter of our Mardi Gras celebrations and there really is nothing like it. 

My mom's Mardi Gras tree this year
My family used to live in Gulfport, MS where Mardi Gras is celebrated in full force. The kids get a Mardi Gras break from school and parades and balls are going at full force the weekend before the actual day. My mom still decorates our house even though we are back in Atlanta and always manages to get a King Cake sent up from somewhere on the coast. 

Day 2 and feeling a little tired
Sadly, we didn't get to make it down to NOLA for the celebrations this year, but we hope to next year. Thankfully Emily and her husband Patrick still live there and are the most gracious of hosts. Instead of celebrating with parades and a Bloody Mary, Pat decided to get up and have a "breakfast date" for us this morning. He made pancakes for his Episcopalian wife on this Shrove Tuesday and we chowed down before I left for work. I'm spoiled, I tell ya!!

 I hope you get to enjoy some good Cajun food or some great sweets today. Maybe one day you'll make it down to Nawlins to celebrate and get to experience the real deal. Put it on your bucket list, people. You won't regret it!

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!!

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