Sunday, March 30, 2014

Introducing our newest family member....


We have been talking about adding a pup to our family for awhile now and were planning on just looking this weekend. We went into Petsmart on Friday to look at prices for every different thing a dog could need. As we were leaving we saw a woman walking in with Chloe and heard her say something about her being returned. We stopped in our tracks and turned right back around. We asked 1 million questions about her and fell in love in under 30 seconds. I have had many dogs in my life, but I have never been around one that is genuinely excited to see anyone who approaches her. She is easily the happiest dog I have ever been around. The people at Petsmart could not have been anymore helpful and were almost throwing things at us for sweet Chloe. They were so excited for her and that she wouldn't have to know that she was given up. She fits in with our little family perfectly. We can't wait for the days of hikes and more walks. Sweet Chloe can only last for about a mile right now, but she loves a good walk! 

Y'all will be seeing her around here more. We look forward to sharing our many adventures with our new sidekick with all of you! Happy Sunday!

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